Vers=Werke zur Weihnachtszeit/Verse Works at Christmastide

Welcome, willkommen! This will be up and open to all for the rest of January, when it will retire for another year.

Bruno’s Tree, our own Tannenbaum (except it is not a Fir Tree, the real Tanne and ChristmasTree. Bruno was our first German Shepherd, stalwart and strong like a large mountainside tree.

Audio Introduction to this experience,

Introduction to these works . Thjs is audio only.

On opening the video files from You Tube:

  1. Click once on the code (in different font).
  2. The link to UYou Tube will appear
  3. Click and you should be at the right video.

Below in colors is an outline of the various pieces in this sampling experience. It should be downloadable.

The Vers=Werke The Verse Works

FOLLOW UP IMPROVEMENT TO O DU FRÖHLICHE CAROL: Most of us prefer seeing the singing as well as hearing it. Even if uou aer in teh top row of the 5th balcony behind a woman who is tall and still has what we in New Jersey used to call “Big Hair”. Or a man, also tall, with a Stetson western hat on, which of course everyone knows you do NOT take off indoors! It is still better than on the radio. The group is Kantorei, not a German group but from Minnesota and by all accounts one of the worlds best a Capella choruses. And this is a special performance a perforemance testimony to the strength of community in refusing to be defeated by the Pandemic. . Last December they came together in a Zoom like arrangement to record their own arrangement of that majestic carol, which is a sort of flagship carol at Christmas. The music and the video of the engagement and joy of singing well just jumps off the screen. Watch especialy the dark haired woman smiling a lot second from the right end of the top row and in the second row up, third square in from the left, the man with the white beard. Just a joy to experience. Here is the YouTube link:. C= Kantorei .

For those interesrted, additional information from their website:

  • Kantorei members hail from some of the nation’s best collegiate choral programs, including Augustana, Bemidji State, Gustavus Adolphus, Kansas State, Lawrence, Luther, Michigan State, Minnesota, Montana, North Dakota State, Randolph-Macon, Saint Ben’s and Saint John’s, St. Mary’s MN, St. Olaf and William and Mary.
  • Pulitzer Prize-winning composer Dominick Argento has called Kantorei’s music “some of the best choral singing” he has heard. Kantorei has been critically acclaimed by Saint Paul and Minneapolis newspapers as having “a crystalline sound” and “a mood of calm reflection.”. Danke schön Kantorei!

WorkDocuments for work
1. This table: contents in suggested sequence, but not fixed
Wünschelrute (Divining rod) and the Spirit of Christmas; why I do this and
Fröhliche Weihnachten und ein frohes, friedliches, heiteres Neues Jahr 2022!
O du fröhliche, o du selige gnadenbringende /O you joyous, o you blessed (#2)
O Tannenbaum, o Christmas Tree a Dr Ludwig YouTube video, English subtitles: O Christmas Tree….(#3)
You tube: background photo is of Christmas market in Dresden   
*Tannenbaum Test
History of the Christmas Tree
Printable document
from large German Christmas FirTree Company 2020
Leise Rieselt der Schnee/Softly flutters the snow (#4)
Comment, background. Translation by GHFphd
Süßer die Glocken nie klingen (#7) The bells never ring more sweetly
Comment, background. Translation by GHFphd*
Christmas Markets: short overview
Printable Document
“A Christmas Market in Dresden” Documentary in English about the most famous Christkindlmarkt anywhere.
from Deutsche Welle (pron: doit’- sheh vell’-eh) German Wave Germany’s BBC
Video in English
Sonat Vox Bleak Midwinter 
Printable Document
Music Gustav Holst to mid 19th Century Christian Poem
Stille Nacht, heilige Nacht/Silent Night. Holy NIght and Sonat Vox
Printable Documents:  *Comparison original with English  of Sonat Vox and performance; Sonat and excellence; 
Discussion of translation, Luther and German expression
12  About SonatVox
Printable Document
*Sonat Vox about themselves

Bonus Musik :

And for those who prefer their ancient Christmas music played today, here is an extra for you: Barock Music fior Christmas,


TO End, back before the beginning:


This is Lutz  I know him well  And his smile is: thank heavens that music is done. It was my first try and left a lot undone,  Feedback will help make it better next time.  thanks.

This is Lutz. He is my harshest critic. that’s the thank-heavens-that-sound-is-done smirk.. I know. this did not come out as well as I wanted. But, quo vadis? Feedback is the pathfinder, we are both grateful for what you mmight offer and for looking in on us here..

Far right, Lutz. The wannabe German, more Austrian or maybe bavarian, Old Guy is yours truly in disguise. Sort of.

NOCHMALS:Danke Schön und Glückliche Festtage (Once More: thank you and Happy Holidays)

  • Here are the documents listed with the videos in the table above:

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