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Spherical, wrapped in a fatty sheath: RNA genetic matter- Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2

I, Corona: A Virus Tells Its Story


Time to Make Maskless a Crime

I was going to have a nice long telephone chat this evening with my daughter this evening. But she had to cancel.

She is a nurse with a long list of degrees, certifications, experience. And she is scheduled for a 12 hour shift tomorrow.

Today the hospital sent out a broadcast email to all employees: due to the explosion of CoVid19cases, they are short of nurses. So she is going in to help out today and will also work a half day shift tomorrow.

They are short of ventilators. They are short of medications for CoVid. They are out of ICU beds. The local population is endangered and the medical staff will now have to make triage decisions about who will live and who will die.

She is furious at the people she saw in the store without masks. I am enraged at the groups I see everywhere in out town in our state hundreds of miles from hers–all without masks.

I wear masks and gloves. I stay at home. We do without because shortages are developing in food, etc and shipping times are getting longer. We are the ones who will get the choice of being left to die from CoVid when triage is implemented. And it will be,

The ones who are meeting their duty to act to keep others safe are the ones who will pay for the selfishness of those who won’t. Is it not time to reverse that? But how? There are no consequences for masklessness in a pandemic.

Yes, most people do NOT get CoVId–so far. But the percentage is rising and it is the younger groups whose diseased members are taking up all the ICU beds, the effective meds, the time of the doctors, nurses, EMT people. It is they, not the old folks like me, who are giving this disease to their own families, friends, co-workers. And they are the ones without masks.

It is not the %age of the population that gets CoVId that matters. It is the %age of ICU beds that these selfish, useless, arrogant are using up: 100% leaving zero for anything else.

At this point, it is a waste of my, your, everyone’s time to speculate about where these dangerous narcissists got their navel gazing selfishness. It is as obvious to see as the nose on their faces.

When you are being attacked by a person with a weapon, you don’t take time out to figure out why that is happening. You act to get away or to stop the attack with whatever means it takes.

Why do we still think that there is a difference between someone who refuses to act on your and my behalf, on behalf of our lives, by wearing a mask and thus not carrying a lethal virus, and someone who refuses to obey the law and not attack people with lethal non virus weapons? Both represent a clear and present lethal danger. Both have made a choice not to honor the foundational norm of civilization: do no harm. And in both cases reasonably prudent people back away if they can. The only difference is that the knife, handgun, brass knuckes are visible, while the virus that is setting up shop inside that maskless person is not — yet.

Which makes the refusal to wear the mask, to act to protect fellow citizens, just that much more pernicious because you cannot see the weapon. But it is there all the same and every bit as lethal as a stab.

Our maskless, fatally and dangerously eternally adolescent citizens will say it is their right not to wear a mask. Horse feathers! Self serving balderdash. Masklessness is a choice made by the self absorbed. there is no right to refuse to act to protect public health. Flip it over: who has a right to infect other people with a potentially lethal disease? Masklessness is not even a privilege, but if it were, that privilege of unregulated behavior can in no way supercede eveyone else’s fundamental right to safe public assembly.

You have to ask: is there no right of self defense against maskless people out in the public arena? Why should I pay a price for the selfish endangerment by the uncaring? The police and sheriff departments are, as they have said here, too busy to enforce mask mandates or they are just deciding not to because they do not like the Governor or in their perpetual adolescence they just cannot abide anybody telling them what to do.

I bet the would suddenly find time and importance for action about masklessness if the masked began to act in public to disable or remove the maskless ones. And they would be acting to protect people inflicting dangeros infection on all the rest.

That is backwards but there it is.

When the agencies of government refuse to enforce something as totally innocuous as wearing a mask to protect the public, then the only right left, the only recourse for victims is self defense — somehow disable or remove the mask less ones before they infect us.

And our experience is slowly boiling up and will surely boil over into violent self help. Nobody wants vigilante justice, but that is what we will get if there are no efforts with teeth in them to stop the maskless ones.

What recourse besides arbitrary self help do we have against pandemic masklessness unless it officially becomes felonious lawlessness and enforceable and punishable as such?

It is not Corona which is killing us, it is we who are killing ourselves.

It cannot move itself, it cannot fly, run, crawl, talk, or wriggle. It is just a little fat ball with attachment posts all over its hide, filled with genetic programming to reduplicate itself and waiting for some being to give it a place on tissue, which then becomes the computer to run its program.

IT DOES NOT ATTACK US, WE BRING IT INTO OUR OWN BODIES ALL BY OURSELVES. It infects countless times faster than any other virus because its program has code which disables our immune system before it can act. It has a response to contact with host cells (us) that causes the immune system to erupt onto itself and then clog arteries with dead immune cells. Our own immune systems become our Corona Damocles sword. We become our own friendly fire. And Corona just rides the body fluids waves into the depths of our mental, physical and spiritual being.


First of all, despite the stupidity of the deniers and mask opponents, we, not Corona, move it around. It just waits for Trump like people to pick it up and move it along.

Second, because it is so infectious and could occasion economic shutdowns, we react by freezing our behaviors in place —if we are smart.

And that makes the stupidity and perfidious behavior of the deniers and users of Corona stand out in stark relief.

What lets us see ourselves as we are? Mirrors.

CORONA IS A MIRROR IN WHICH WE CANNOT AVOID SEEING HOW READY WE REALLY ARE TO DO WHAT PLANETARY SURVIVAL REQUIRES: keep our own acts clean and maintain spiritual fitness to be of maximum real service to all which surrounds us: animal, vegetable, mineral, liquid, gas.. It shows us in stark clarity who we really are. Even Donald Trump—or especially Donald Trump— cannot hide from the mirror unless of course he casts no shadow and has no reflection in mirrors.


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