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We can and must re-learn how to agree on principles where positions and actions might be different, even in opposition.

I reject labeling. reduces a human being to a simplified thing, and thus makes it easy to hate, despise, minimize and otherwise attack . We need to listen to validate the complex, talented, diverse, striving, erroneous, God seeking, infinitely powerful beings we are.

Governing in the US-style of democratic state is based on two foundations which Harry S Truman defined in his uniquely unmistakeable manner: 1. If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen. 2. The buck stops here (on the Presidents desk). All the rest builds on that, the example of George Washington and the Presidents Job Description: the US Constitution. Living the competencies of US Presidency involves the discipline of self restraint, which presupposes deep self awareness and ironclad determination to learn. It involves also strategic patience, interpersonal savvy and eagle keen insight about others, and the ability to make decisions in ambiguity, paradox, under pressure and to get others to do so even when they resist if necessary..

As with all models and leadersk, we have two types of Presidents: teachers and inspirations. Teachers show us by failure what has not worked and thus where not to turn for effectiveness. Inspirations show us excellence in deployment of the critical competencies of performance.

There are three categories of competency deployment for Governance in the US’ Republic.

1. Given knowledge of the mission critical competencies of any job for its role, they can fall short due to degree of use: overuse, underuse and failuire to use as positive competencies. One of the key methods of learning how to lead is by watching someone who deploys either the wrong competencies and/or the right ones to the wrong degree.

2. Derailment factors: all of what a President can assertively engage in to derail himself, his Presidency and the nation: poor team membership, poor team leading, overreliance on a single skill, on a few people, arrogant, etc. Trains, leaders and nations that derail, crash. Ask Hitler.

3. The positive use of mission critical competencies, but as with most humans, room for improvement, especially at the start of the first term.. Lincoln was an inspiration at for example strategic agility, dealing with ambiguity and dealing with paradox, in interpersonal savvy, motivating others etc. George Washington was the first governing official that teh world of rulers had ever, known. Frederick the Great of Prussia thought that if Washington stepped down without violence adn power grabs, he might well have been the greatest leader of all times. And that was exactly what Washington did. He set the mold for all US Presidencies and the longest lasting governance without violent change of leadership in hukan history; 244 years. Lincoln, Washington and all of our Presidents continue to show us how integrity and trust are the supreme good of Presidential leadership and leaves a legacy which will alwas challenge us to obey the better angels of our nature.

Leaders and voters can and must be open to learn from all three types of profiling especially once they have become President. The willingness to accept feedback, to tackle the deficiencies which are GAGs (Go Against the Grain) and be accountably visible in developing–those are the attitudes of success. Anything else may be common mythology of effecgtivenss but have no data at all to support them for over a century now,.

A Low Hierarchy Nation of Laws and Principles before Order and Personalities. The foundation of this nation, for better or worse, is the Constitution. Any attempt to subvert it, to rule by degree without it, to teach voters that the President PASSES any legislation or can act as prosecutor and judge, any attempt to subvert our laws and processes in favor of those of a foreign power is treason pure and simple. The penalty for treason is death. There is no reason why a sitting President who commits treason should be exempt from the same penalty the rest of us would have to face. Either we are all equally subject to the law, or we do not have a democracy.

Socrates knew what happens when a wealthy person accedes to leadership in a democracy: Alcibiades. He ruled, then betrayed Athens to Sparta where he fled after the sellout. The result was a series of wars thqt took Athens years to complete. The hard lesson was: in a true democracy the wealth is more or less equally shared. Great disparities of wealth inevitably lead to the use of the unchecked economic power to buy off legislators and turn government of, by and for the people into government of, by and for the wealthy. And democracy dies.

The trouble with the descent into the society of autocracy is that democracy based on a prosperous, well educated, actively participating middle class is the strongest and most prosperous form of government known to man. It is also the most difficuIt to maintain because it must be founded in education for all in civics, history, philosophy, the ability to make distinction and the skills of group membership and leadership, which all eventually share. And the economic distance between the more afflluent and the less must be small enough so that the less can see themselves as the more.

Today, by law, in Germany the highest paid manager in a coropration may not be paid more than 10 times the lowest paid worker. To be sure, ways are found around that, which is why democratic liberty is maintained only by eternal vigilance. In teh US, teh compensation of the top managers can be 500 times that of the lowest paid worker. In addition the US has permitted the development of the cynical religious doctrine that teaches the less well to do that the more affluent are more blessed by God with wisdom and therefore must be revered and honored in word and in deed. The place where surveys find the most vibrant democracy on earth these days is Germany.

Socialism, Socialistic Medicine and Socialized Doctors. Socialism means that the workers own the means of production. Socialism has been a dead issue in the minds of everyone on the planet since the19th century. Second, in its true meaning, it would have been present even in large corporations everywhere.
Medicine cannot be socialized, only dogs. If Socialism means that the workers own the means of production, which it does, then a medical practice owned by the physicians is exactly what the haters of “socialized” medicine think is wrong but really like using. The right term would be, socialistic medicine. But using that would show immediately that it does not exist.

Bottom line: You can always tell Socialistic Medicine phobics, but you cannot tell them much., mostly because the object of their phobia no longer exists or is already a successful part of their lives. And as for all those evil those socialized medicine providers, please make sure they always heel on the left, sit at every streetcorner, do not jump onto visitors and do their business in your back yard before you take them for walks.

Democracy lives on broadly based, public school secondary education, whichprepares for Citizenship, not Work. Vo-tech Training is for work, not citizenship. We do best when we have a wide band of well educated secondary school graduates who know and practice democracy. We had that in the 19th century and it made us a world industrial power.

Voting: keeps the power hungry social wolves at bay IF it is not compromised by traiterous leaders and conditions. The Electoral College is a “Yes, but…” veto to public voting and should be eliminated immediately. All ballots should be paper and all counting should be done twice manually.

Government: keep an even playing field, provide for a more perfect Union, protest the rights of the minorities, promote healthy economy, build middle class acumen and viablity by using taxes to spread the wealth, provide for the common defense, insure that nobody is above the law, provide for domestic tranquillity, form and conduct foreign policy, provide policies people and funding to insure the best health possible for every citizen and resident alien, and insure that no law or action anywhere in the United States violates or effectively even intends tosubvert the Constitution of the United States and insures that by amendments it supports the governance realities of the country at any given time.

Political Identities: the labels liberal and conservative, Democrat andRepublican — all have ceased to mean any clear thing to all,except two: Haves and Have Nots. And those are the two only real poliltical blocks in the US today.

The Balance of Powers. No longer exists because the Congress discovered that it essentially fails in executing administrative powers, which over time it has given to the President. That has let the Supreme Court more assertively to formulate legislative judgments and created an Imperial Presidency, who now can rule by Executive ORder. This was never intended and it undermines government of, by and for the People. It is of the same notion if not to the same degree as Aristocratic Rule by Divine Right. The United States must now develop the same type of governance form that characterizes the governments of our European democracy allies: a government of several parties, with one party responsible for forming a government, a head of the government (like Chancellor) and a less directly involved Head of State like the English Crown or the German President. Finally the practice of votes of no confidence must be instituted because of the gridlock currently being used by the trump administration to rule by order, and precisely to prevent that from being part of our governance process

Political Parties: American political beliefs have become tribalized, much like the case for example in German politics. A parliamentary system of some sort for the US would permit the continuation of both Democratic and Republican Parties but also permit the extreme groups and the currently disengaged groups to form thier own parties. In our current system, the parties have so many conflicting values to satisfy that platforms present only pablum mixed with glittering generalities and lots of honey. The result is that the people have little sense that the Parties actually live in and want to work to improve life “on the ground” in the US.

Discussion of principles is welcome, that of personalities is not. the site does scan for profanity, attack talk, etc.

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