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MY BELIEFS: (not in any order except as they occur to me

We can agree on principles where positions and actions might be different

I reject labeling. I will not exchange views with anyone who starts labeling. Labeling reduces a human being to a simplification, something much less than the complex, contradictory, ;unsure, searching, vacillating short lived organisms with souls that we really are, and thus makes it easy to hate, despise, minimize and otherwise attack rather than listen

Governing is an art based on having learned the competencies of democratic leading. Accession to higher office should be admitted only when the competencies for that office are known and accepted, and the public has been able to see the candidate perform against them in unrehearsed and scripted emergency situations. Rehearsed “debates” are not debates at all, but competitive interviews. Washington set the mold for and Harry S Truman summarized the 2 keystone competenciesfor being PresidentI: 1. If you can;t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen.—2. The buck stops here (on the Presidents desk).

Socialism, Socialistic Medicine and Socialized Doctors. First, Socialism has been a dead issue in the minds of everyone on the planet since the19th century. Second, in its true ;meaning, it would have been present even in large corporations all o,ver the place. Socialism means that the workers own the means of production.
Those who fear socialism, understand it incorrectly. Socialism is the workers owning the means of production in their workplaces. So then the Knights against Socialism would have to avoid medical plea Tice’s where the docs are all partners, said for law firms. They might even be disgusted by the stock market, where brokers and investors own the businesses that are represented in the exchange. The Knights contra Socialism would be out of luck a whole lot of the time.i

And to think that it could have been avoided by using English correctly. Why,? the proper noun for the economic system where the workers own the means of production is Socialism. The adjective from that noun is socialistic. The verb which agrees with that noun would have to be something like to socialisten or socialisticate, maybe. Socialize then would not be confused with the process of training dogs get along in public. So by the same token, “socialized medicine” means a professino of medical people who can get along in public. (Before you laugh that away as riciculousk, think back on what percentage of docs you have met really have effective interpersonal skills. Maybe socialized Medicine is not such a bad idea after all!.

What the brain-dead socialized medicine haters really mean is socialistic healtcare. Or healthcare in whch the means of production are owned by the workers. Such as in your tyoical mediclal group practice these days? The socialized medicine phobic wojuld have to look for and go only to medical practices where the workers are all just employees of some owner. Aside from the fairly well established fact that privatized medicine works only for the owners, andwinds up rationalizing “care” and sendng the neediest paients away, ,it seems that the not too discriminating phobics will wind up gettng substandard care if any because they let some politician’s messing with English throwoht the healtcare baby with the bathwater.

Or folks might just use the right label, single payer universal healthcare and find out how well that works, just as folks in every other nation on earth have done.

On the other hand, you can always tell a Socialized Medicine hater, but you cannot tell him much.. And make sure you make those medicine providers heel on the left and sit at every streetcorner.

Education is for Citizenship, not Work, Training is for work, not citizenshiop. We do bestr when we have a wide band of well educated secondary school graduates who know and practice democracy. Der toed motto” you can always tell an American with pronounced socialism phobia, but you cannot tell her much. Which is why they still could not see the irony of their clamoring against single payer medicine when we have a single payer Army, Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard, Nationalguard, National Police force (FBI), eco protection agencies (despite having been badly Trumped in the last 4 years). Their poorly thought out fears have little to nothing really to do with governmental institutions. Rather they fear the unspoken image of Gleichschaltung conveyed cleverly to them by their owners and in the media. LIke the Borg on one season of one of the Star Trek variants. They, products of a culture which deems itself individualistic to the point of fearing community, have the Lone Ranger archetype branded onto their self images. They fear losing that in nameless burocrats, like real live Kafka figures in a ESL live Kafka reality. They need to be re educated about how we develop our identities in social interactions and not via some fixed stamp that makes us categorcally superior, worse, good or bad. , on the values of community as the places where ones individuality truly gets formed and focused. Good luck.

Voting: keeps the power hungry social wolves at bay IF it is not compromised by conditions. The Electoral College is a “Yes, but…” veto to public voting and should be eliminated immediately. All ballots should be paper and all counting should be done twice manually. We cannot again risk a foreign power changing the real vote to serve a despots power drives. Conversely allowing or bringing a foreign power into our voting is unequivocally the highest of high crimes and misdemeanors which a President can supooirt or actually do.

Government: keep an even playing field, provide for a more perfect Union, protest the rights of the minorities, promote healthy economy, build middle class acumen and viablity by using taxes to spread the wealth, provide for the common defense, insure that nobody is above the law, provide for domestic tranquillity, form and conduct foreign policy, provide policies people and funding to insure the best health possible for every citizen and resident alien, and insure that no law or action anywhere in the United States violates or effectively even intends tosubvert the Constitution of the United States and insures that by amendments it supports the governance realities of the country at any given time.

Political Identities: the labels liberal and conservative, Democrat andRepublican — all have ceased to mean any clear thing to all,except two: Haves and Have Nots. And those are the two only real poliltical blocks in the US today.

The Balance of Powers. No longer exists because the Congress discovered that it essentially fails in executing administrative powers, which over time it has given to the President. That has let the Supreme Court more assertively formulate legislative judgments and created an Imperial Presidency,who now can rule y Executive ORder. This was never intended and it undermines government of, by and for the People. It is of the same notion if not to the same degree as Aristocratic Rule by Divine Right. The United States must now develop the same type of governance form that characterizes the governments of our European democracy allies: a government of several parties, with one party responsible for forming a government, a head of the government (like Chancellor) and a less directly involved Head of State like the English Crown or the German President. Finally the practice of votes of no confidence must be instituted because of the gridlock currently being used by the trump administration to rule by order, and precisely to prevent that from being part of our governance process

Political Parties: American political beliefs have become tribalized, much like the case for example in German politics. A parliamentary system of some sort for the US would permit the continuation of both Democratic and Republican Parties but also permit the extreme groups and teh currently disengaged groups to form thier own parties. In our current system, the parties have so many conflicting values to satisfy that platforms present only pablum mixed with glittering generalities and lots of honey. The result is that the people have little sense that the Parties actually live in and want to work to improve life “on the ground” in the US.

Want to respond to this? Fine.

I impose no criteria except that I am interested in dialogueto find common ground in principles FIRST, and then explore the ideas behind differences, looking always to admit having found something as principle in the other views that might work, is agreeable, is worth validating in order to keep dialogue going. For attacking behavior or not seeking identification, I will revoke entrance permission after the third warning .



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