home panepage what’s behind the scrim?

So our motto here is:

taking pains to open panes

My Panepages: We can open panes onto what interests us.

Roadmap: Right now, this site has developed four Pane areas, each with its own Panepage:

  1. Home, this page
  2. Governance and Politics,
  3. Pandemic , and
  4. Wünschelrute-Diving Rod.

Living, for me now clearly in the 4th Quarter, has enabled seeing more and more behind the scrim of life, and finding some wonders along the way. Panepages Governance and Pandemic were obvious. Increasinglly now I stop, drop the calamity scene which my mind was really working up to fever pitch and seek peace, here and now.

Maybe just doing as Eckart Tolle teaches: focus stepwise our consciousness on here and now. And when you get there, note that it is good! Now there is magic at that point for me: music, some heard, some sung, some hummed. I wind up in thoughtless quiet expectation of peace, Lyric poetry does the same. I can recite Rilke’s Herbsttag hot summer and find myself cool, relaxed and a bit melancholy, but neved owerwhelmingly.


About me, Gregory H Forsythe, Ph. D, (Germanistik/German Studies) University of Michigan, 1974. Born 1941, Detroit, before Pearl Harbor.

Live, clear, actionble, visible, responsible feedbac:  Zora awards me first prize


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