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top--Zeit (German for time, “Times” is the name of Germany’s most read non tabloid newspaper. Weltweit 7 Tage–worldwide, 7 days; Stand: 30 Juni, situation as of June 30th; 1,235,933 confirmed new infections in the last seven days; Großbrittanien–Great Britain, Deutschland-Germany;

the graph--Left axis confirmed new infections’ Bottom axis: days after 50 confirmed infections

WHere to honor the stable genius

Stable Genius at work.
Stable Genius at work

Trump, the “War President”. Then Trump the Ruler with Abaolute Authority. Now Trump the Benevolent Self Restraining-Ruler with Absolute Authority.

Utter nonsense. And arrgoant pretense. The most dangerously incompetent President in 244 years landed int the middle of the most pervasive, lethal health crisis in recorded human history.

People much more able to list his sins of both CoVid omission and Corona commission have done so. It is all over the place, for anyone to see. HE FAILED.

That failure has cost us 10s of thousands of lives, many times that in grief and suffering, it has shaken the foundations of constitutional government and its institutions in the US, it has destroyed trust in our systems abroad, it has killed and buried any shreds left of moral authority, it has cost us trillions of dollars,

Let us the never forget even for a moment:


What would have been the fate of a non political figure who had done exactly as DT has? Go on, take a mental leap. So what then should happen to DT because of his mis- and malfeasance? And to the Republicans who are shielding him? How much more of him and them will we swallow?

It must be remembered, that Donald assured us after all that he is, indeed, a Stable Genius. And for his gullible and people pleasing, authority loving, culturally adolescent Peanut Gallery of voters and US Republican brown-nosing Senators, as he is President he ipso facto is a good man, doing all he can for us. We, the disruptors, should stop bullying the poor fellow and let him continue to do a good job. The Bully as Victim. Hitler would approve.

You can always tell a Trump supporter, but you can’t tell him (her, them) much. They are living proof of the German adage, die Dummheit stirbt nie aus — stupidity will never become extinct.

So then, how has the Stable Genius made amends for this calamity? Has the genius gotten our front line healthcare workers their indispensable protective gear? No. No. Has the stable genius shown his tax records, unedited, to the public? No. Has he made amends for his destructive ways by qjuickly hiring experienced government managers to replace all the ones he drove out? No. Has he even once hinted at a mistake or better, remorse, muffled a choked amend, asked for forgiveness and help? Are you kidding me? DT is no Andrew Cuomo.

Has the genius stopped trying to blame everyone else for his snafus? No, Now it was Impeachment that “distracted” him from dealing with the growing pandemic threat. Hmm, like for example how Lincoln failed to pay attention to the attack on Fort Sumpter or when FDR just dismissed Pearl Harbor as not really going to amount to much of anything? DT a War President–like a Lincoln or Woodrow Wilson or FDR?

Yet, the Stable Genius has fulfilled his promise! We are #1– in CoVid19 thanks to Stable Genius Donald. You know he succeeded because he appears on tv updates about CoVid19 without the Make America Great baseball cap any more! .

Or has he succeeded?

OK, then DT survivors, it is time to vote. Lets have a showing of hands. How many of you want to repeat with DT the process that brought us this CoVid19 Greatness? …. Oh oh,, I see no hands except for those from the dwindling group of Trumpers and Trumpettes? Well, my heavens, just imagine my surprise..

Thanks but no thanks, DT. We’ve had enough DT success for one national lifetime. As a President, you are misplaced, hugely.

Reviewing the narratrive of the Stable Genius’ Achievements, perhaps it is just that The Donald’s stable genius merely appears to be good for nothing but negating things. Perhaps Donald is not our US Mephistopheles (the Devil in Faust, the 19th century drama by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe), but just a misplaced Stable Genius.

There is one topic constant in the Donald Dialogue, one steady fount of bellowing about which he manifestly knows a lot. It alone may well to the path he must trudge on the way to his still darkened destiny.

The Stable Genius seems to know a lot about s–t.

The Germans, being immensely perceptive and willing to borrow into their tongue any and all pithy, robust and strong vocabulary, immediately recognized that. They honored this depth of knowledge by adding “shitstorm” to their vocabulary: der Shitstorm. So there’s the clue to the question: where might he have gotten such deep s–t knowledge? He’s been telling us all along: in a Stable! That’s where he belongs, where his s–t genius is at home.

DT increasing;ly seems a lost soul. He lives on junk food to find comfort. To feel some sense of identity and power, he lashes out at loyal civil servants and appointed Secretaries, seeing in them only roadblocks finally to finding a home for his misplaced Genius. We must drive him asap to the Right Stable. A Steble where we can best honor his genius. With all the other Horses’ Asses. No s–t!

Our Healthcare System: a loaded gun aimed at YOUR heart

What is the key to keeping our economy from tanking in ways that will make the Depression look easy?

In. what ways have the Chinese, Italians, Germans, been able to slow down CoVId19?

In China, officials could tell employees to stay home and gets medical care because everyone has it. That then is THE indispensable lever in restricting the spread of CoVid19. McKinsey agrees on that score. Their is also a NY Times articles this am in which a very well known economist in Chicago says the same thing.

It makes me livid and scares me to death. And I mean to death very seriously because I am exactly the person who is most vulnerable to this disease. Sadly there could now be countless others who find themselves tied to the rails with the train coming.

If its spread in the US is not restricted and it spreads fast, then many more people than in China will become infected. But unlike in China, Germany, etc., many will have to go to work sick, because they do not have a uniform comprehensive coverage and will lose i income and maybe their jobs if they stay home sick. It will spread fast as people work to have the funds to be treated for the infections that raise the speed and degree of spread.

Isn’t that just great….

So: Fast spread fueled by sick workers trying to stay employed,is a real possibility here.

What other proof does anyone need that the accursed “free market” health care system in the US is a moral obscenity and a conduit for precisely the colossal national economic and thus also security calamity that the cynical, stupid, senile Republican advocates for that obscenity desperately want to avoid?

We cannot cure or stop this virus. There will not be a magical sudden appearance of some wonder cure. This is not a movie. The only effective tool is restriction. And to restrict, people must stay away from work when sick.

They cannot in the USA. Just think of it: the country with the world class academic training in managing pandemics will not let itself have the key tool to do that: universal comprehansive healthcare so that employees can stay home to recover with no fear of loss of jobs or income.

And it could wreck our economy and then the world’s. The sky could easily fall and not just on Chicken Little.

We do not have a health care system. We have a health catastrophe system, one of the best health care systems that the 19th Century can offer, owned and managed by Scrooges, Skinflints, and Sadists economic bloodsuckers. They and their Republican puppets have been able for years to intimidate, distract, b.s. and smoke out any reasonable understanding of how their system sets up the country for disaster. Yes, the Germans have it right: die Dummheit stirbt nie aus— stupidity will never become extinct.

The CoVid19 virus is showing us unequivocally what decades of rational argument have been unable to establish: our patchwork, sieve-like, rusty, creaky healthcare “system” might as free be a Big Gun aimed right at all of our Hearts. It is time we turned that gun around, aimed it at the asset-sucking leaches and vampires who own the means that limit our health and safety, and run them out of town.

Back to the Stable

Give us a break! A big bad thing called CoVid19 Pandemic is sprinting around the corner for the US. And two things are striking about our national DT: first, he is trying to make us believe that this is good because he delayed it; second—have you seen the look on his face in briefings with Fauci? Like a little kid who has lost his mommy in a Super Mal-Mart.

The nonverbals, Donald, are saying that the verbals are lying—once again. And those of us who have studied nonverbals tend to like the rule of thumb about nonverbals: the truth can be read nonverbally. Much easier than sifting through wordsmithed propaganda.

DOn’t believe me? Ask any successful actor — no not Trump, I said successful. Or dogs: they know that they can tell a humans exact emotional state by observing the left side of the face.

Try it out:

When Donald came to the White House, his stable genius told him that he shoukd eliminate the Pandemic operation at CDC. One wonders, why?

Let’s see — what was DT’s really big initiative at that time? Maybe two: 1.,trying to use Ukraine to Trump up lies against Joe Biden and 2., The Wall. It cannot have been to save money for Ukraine because he was pressuring them by withholding the committed, promised foreign aid.

So that leaves The Wall. And how successful was this initiative? Reports from locals, border patrol, whomever all, ALL say effectively that DT might as well have put up a huge block of Swiss Emmenthaler cheese —the one with all the large holes -or a fence made from large hole sieve mesh.

And now that eternal liar is strutting around saying that keeping people out earlier in his three year long temper tantrum substitute for leading — keeping them out postponed our engagement with CoVid19. Or it was his blabbing, before the truth about our state of total lack of the crux of preparedness, test kits, hit the fan.

We could have been prepared, the Germans weteandtgeybwere not hiding their efforts or resources. Die ZEIT, the online German newspaper I read, reported early during the Wuhan crisis, that a researcher in Berlin, probably at the Robert Koch Institut, had developed a valid, reliable test.

The question is: why did we not license it and use it here?

Simple:. There were no fireman in the firehouse when the flames erupted in the neighboring town. DT had closed it down.

Throw this in also: Germany, where weeks long exposure to the virus has been slowed to between 200 and 300 cases as if today, has no academic program to train for some key aspects of pandemic research and management. In Hamburg there is a team working on testing anti-CoVid19 substances. The team leader is a very skilled and well known researcher. But to get up to speed, even with the Ph D or MD and all sorts of other sub specialties, she had to leave Germany to get training at the #1 place on this earth for that: Massachusetts General Hospital.

Did we engage Mass General for anything back when we could have slowed this thing down? We still are using our scant supply for only the most severe cases. We still cannot test anyone who might have the virus, and that means that we cannot stop, hinder, or even slow this plague in the US.

Another cute little fact is this: the broken humans in charge have no policy about compensation fir this who get this but cannot afford to stay home. And they are not even discussing it! So more people will get infected right when we desperately need to reduce the infection rate.

Healthcare by Scrooge, the social Darwinism version of charity: let them die then, are there no work house, let them wait until succor trickles down from what’s left over after the 1% takes all they want.

When you find yourself eating stockpiled dehydrated foods while DT and his buddies feed their greasy gluttony with steak, when you are, wondering whether your pipes will freeze because everyone at the power company is sick and our shaky, , patchwork grid just shorted out, when you are locked away in your room unable even to pet your dog o hug your wife, when your aching tooth will just have to rot in your mouth because the dentist either won’t see you or is closed:

REMEMBER this is the gift, entirely 1000%, of our very own Stable Genius, Donald J Trump more aptly labeled the American case of DT.


our DT from the Genius Stable was saved from having been put back in his stable stall with all the other horses asses by Moscow Mitch McConnell and the Senile Senate Simpletons minus One.

These are the Servants of Self who want to continue to keep healthcare in the Unknowing States a loaded weapon, these are the Servile Skinflints who hold that loaded weapon pointed directly at my, your and our children’s and grandchildren’s hearts.

Was there ever a better case of de facto treason of the greedy, by the soulless and for the vultures against The People?

Let’s herd ‘em all up, lasso the herd leaders and drive ‘em all back into the Genius Stable with the #1 horse’s ass, ol” DT.

Amerika/America, du hast/you had….

We are nowhere near the end of the Trump-thumping we are taking.. We are not at the beginnig of the end, nor the end of the beginning.  We may be at the start of the beginning.  And that makes it all even more sad and urgent.  We have already lost so much; it is such a great shame.

Towards the end of his life, the great German poet, scientist, lawyer, statesman etc;, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe (1749-1832) became very enchanted with the energy, robust freedom and lack of a haunting past in the young American Republic.  During those later years he wrote the following poem (here in English translation praising and expressing an important hope about us and  our republic:

(If you want to know more about who Goethe was, read my post “Who is this guy Go-ee’-thee (Goethe)?

Amerika du hast es besser

America, you have it better

Than our old continent.

You have no tumbledown castles

And no basalt deposits.

Your present is not disturbed deep down by

Useless remembrance and vain strife.

Use the present with good fortune!

And if your children write poetry,

May a kindly fate guard them from writing

Stories of knights, rascals, and specters.

 translation by Marilyn Barnett

One of DT’s first targets for negation remains our fragile, wilting ecosystem.  We must get it back under control —and fast—.  Before DT touched nature with his cold, dead hands, an annual reduction of atmospheric hydrocarbons by 2% would have saved us-but we were barely making that. Now after he has negated our environmental protection, the yearly target for a timespan 4 years shorter than in 2016 is 5%.  And we had been barely eking out a scrawny 2%…. If we fail now, there will not be a second chance, the resulting inhospitable, lethal climate will make this planet uninhabitable.

Let us remember the hopes and faith that so many had for us so many years ago.

But we can only get to the end of the beginning by accepting without filtering where we are today. That’s the first step.

To that end, today Goethe’s hopeful poem could only be written something like this:

Amerika, du hattest es besser…

America, you had it better

Than our old continent.

But you failed to save your forests and oceans, 

You permanently poisoned pristine waters.

Shame! your present is blighted by leaders of

Useless remembrance and vain strife.

You misused the present in bad faith!

And your children will never write verse,

Condemned by drudge lackeys and their bumbling boss, to

end with a whimper: 

as nature winds down in reverse..

Where indeed have all the flowers gone, long time passing? How much pain must good men endure, before they throw off this yoke?