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Patriotism Spoils History (Goethe) Fasten seatbelts

It is manifestly clear that last Wednesday was seditious insurrection, a violent attack on our central body of democratic governance: the parliament, Congress withj the aim of destroying it. It was directly and unmistakablly encouraged, urged on by at least Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, Rudi Giuliani, et al. They must not get away with this and set the norm for all future Presidents to do the same. Until now, there has been an ability to avoid culpability by those who have blocked, undermined, maligned, misused and support and crippled. Now however they have helped instigate or even plan the attack. No longer can we look away, no longer can their opposition be treated as political opposition in a two party democracy. That is a dead system as of Wednesday. Their self indictment is on video, the vandal acts are on video, the murder acts are on video.

Everyone needs to be crystal clear on this: it was the radical right who crossed the constitutional, the peaceable, the civil, the democratic Rubicon Wednesday January 6, 2021. That is not an interpretation, not a Ted Cruz dodge, not a Mitch McConnell stonewalling. It is a description of what everyone saw and can still see online.

If this stands, then this nation will fall.

So all on the democracy team here (not you Giuliani, not you Trump, not you the Senators and Representatives who lauded, even encouraged thle mob, not you mobsters, not you criminally negligent police and security forces in DC) it is time to settle this hash with all the legal, procedural, security and investigative force that the United States of America can bring to bear. It is time for the local democrats to organize to help extinguish this burning stream of insurrection. Reconciliation can come after tehj January 6 mob criminals have been punished and stability under law has been re-established..

Wednesday’s self styled “patriots” have started a process to spoil 244 years of US history. Now it is time for the heirs of 244 years of US history to exact the cost of treason, murder, riot, incitement etc from those self-styled, God-playing, costumed, selfie taking, ignorant, duped, and sadly superficially patriotic traitors.

No more Mr NIce Guy until that score has been settled once and for all Fasten your seatbelts..

Clear and Present: Trump is—Are you, Congress?

Let’s finally be clear: it is now the COngress against the President to save the Union.

The President is a traitor. The Senators who support him are traitors. The representatives who support him are traitors.

Supporting insurrection and sedition are treason: Donald committed it, the others support it.

When do the two Democrat Senators from Georgia take their seats? That will change everything. Then the patriots left, the LARGE MAJORITY of the Congress, can do what is needed:

In one day, act to impeach, try and convict DOnald J Trump of HIgh Crimes and Misedmeanors. And when he threatens whatever he can conjure up from his devils mind, — he will and everone knows it even Rich Mitch—use all force necessary to take him, his little right wing thug army and all the traitors who after the insurretion continued with their false challenges without blinking an eyelash of remorse or regret.

This is war, Congressmen and Senators who want the republic to live on and Trump in any role of public view not to. Just shut the hell up about whether this creep in the White House will ever concede. HE is too far into denial and that is not a river in Egypt.

You’d better start thinking of it that way and super fast, because, first, things are going to go from worse to horrible in the next two weeks and second, you are losing.

Still not convinced? Look again at the face. Fat body and animal like bellowiing of ALL of those wannabe SA troopers. This is mass hysteria, these folks are OUTSIDE rational talk, redemption, quiet. And you just let them win: they shut you down for 5 hours.

While you are doing business as usual; in your comfy fog of cowardice and denial, they aer emboldened and planing the next, larger, more destructive attack.

It is clear and present danger. Your response has to be even more clear and present. You are the only defense we have left.

Is self help action now the only option against trump?

The word was that mass murder by withholding vaccines was federal policy to deal with Corona. Policy or not, it is criminal. Remember Crimes Against Humanity for which mostr of the German official in the dock were hanged?

Trump is using the pardon power for pardons it neever envisioned: he is letting his loyal crew of criminals out to do it all over again, but scot free. Misuse of his office and violation of his oaths of office. Betrayal of ones own countrymen and collaboration in that from the all but puppet, empty shells of Republicans in the US Senate. Is that not called treason?Who in his or her right mind thinks that if President Obama did those things he would still be a free man? Or you, or me?

Now if anybody ever doubted that Trump used the Pandemic as a terror tool, you just cannot any more, even if you still are a Trumpionette: he will not sign the vastly overdue, hard fought, just and humane relief bill! What on earth can anyone call that but evil: the unwillingness or inabiloity to have empathy for another and act on it with no thought of return for oneselfl

Read M. Scott Peck, read Hannah Arendt, read the records of te trial in Nürnberg in 1945, the testimonies of extermination camp top officials, the testimony and questioning of Hermann Göring by Justice Robert Jackson.

And the Republicans in tne Senate, does their record show that we can count on their backbone and stand for what is morallly right” Hardly.

This will escalate. Mary Trump says so. Former Trump officials are worried about that. I worry about that. Why not? Inaction is that old, very definition of insanity: expecting different results from the same actions.

You are walking down a street and suddenly a man appears with a knife, held in attack posture. There is blood on the knife balde, on his hands, he has a scratchj of fingernails on his neck and ne looks mean.Your reaction is:

  1. Forget about it. It is probably some act.
  2. Grab someone weaker than you and shove him or her into this guy and try to run by
  3. Start screaming that the liberals have armned thugs here and if you have a gun start shjooting.
  4. Back up slowly towards you car, hoping to get away from this person and not use the pistol under the drivers seat.
  5. Run for the car, get the pistol and start shooting (wildly, frfightened people hit their targets, the ones right in front of them, at most 20% of your shots.
  6. Freeze in panic and fear.

I bet you were not thinking of your common law and Constitutional rights to protect yourself — just about how to act.
Wjhen threatened we fight, freeze or flee. Thinking comes later or has been done beforehand. Legally, last time I took weapons instruction, you must back up and try to avoid shooting, but if you cannot, you have or darned will ought to have the right of self defense and although we cannot kill unless it is unavoidable and proveable in a court, that includes lethal force.

When the threat arises, there is no time to consult your lawyer first. We need to have it all thought through first: legally, morally, etc. We cannot act like Donald and just go charging off. If we want to live civilly and under a rule of law, then we must use our instittutions to defang, declaw, deter and deny any more power to Donald. And as the danger is clear and present, action must also be clear and present.

We must have weighed and distinguished, then chosen right action, explicily resisting the wrong. Having assessed actions and chosen one with full understanding ot consequences., we must be willing to accept and commit to accepting those consequences. And finally we must act visibly and assertively. In short, we must act with and to restore what Donald seeks finally totally to bring down: our personal, civic and national integrity.

The final alarms bells are ringing loud for those who can hear such.

Donald Trump now wants to put us into more economic decline, into more burden of illness, into more chaos. He wants revenge because he believes his deluson that he actually won the election. Listen to him! He is stark raving mad and will act on that.

Any examples of what a lunatic like Donald will do if not stopped: yes. Adolf Hitler. He felt that the Germans had not been good enough to win the war and so they were neither good enough for him nor good enough to survive the war’s end. So he ordered Albert Speer essentially to leave the victors nothing on German soil.

How –be honest–is Trumps action different in principle from HItlers?

Albert Speer did not obey. Hitler caved in and committed suicide with Eva Braun.

Who will stop Trump finally? We have backed up to satisfy the law and morality sufficiently years ago. The Republican Party is essentially no more: even the Senators and some of the House Republicans are now vocal about the mistake called Trump.

General Henning von Treschkow, author of the Valkyrie Plot to kill Hitler, wrote this

The General was a man of integrity: when he learned of the plots failure, rather than let the Gestapo torture him into giving up other conspirators, he wrote a note and took his own lifel.

Is not self help against Trump, Trumpionettes, Trumpthugs etc now a right? Is it now almost a duty, especially in the shadow of the Republican failure to act to protect the nation?

If not, then we will have nothing more to lose, which will lead to action anyway but action that will have no integrity, not bolster the rule of law, embolden the Trumpionettes, anmdtear this country apart.

And that just makes the alarms ring loud.,We have this chance ,with ample supporting evidence, maybe the last such chance, to act before we all will be forced to take up our own arms. We do after all have a RIGHT to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

We can use the Amendment to declaw and disarm Donale. I do not want to be part of violence where Congress is afraid to tread..Viiolence does not work well, and it would be much more civil, much more in support of our institutions, to force implementation of the 25th Amendment.

I suspect that if that Amendment is not invoked, some of the rest of us will decide that they have nothing left to lose. Angry men and women with nothing left to lose will trample rights, rationalism, our republuc under their stomping feet. It will almost ceertainly mean bloodshed and chaos — just what Donald wants anyway.

It is time to realize that there is nothing but loss now to get from Donald.

If moral worth and integrity are not the worthiest of causes, what are?

Are we willing to do the work to act with integrity?

Is it finally time to disempower him legally?

If not this, then what, and if not now then, when?

Gotcha O. P.

Drive thru voting in Texas

For centuries our common law has rejected ex post facto laws: we do not invent punishments or restrictions to apply to acts already committed. If we decide that lawn mowing is unacceptable on Sundays and make a law against it, the law is enforceable from that point forward but not retro-actively, against my neighbor whose mower interrupted my nap a week a go.

Two clauses in the United States Constitution prohibit ex post facto laws:

  1. Art 1, § 9
    1. This prohibits Congress from passing any laws which apply ex post facto.
  2. Art. 1 § 10.
    1. This prohibits the states from passing any laws which apply ex post facto.

But the actions contemplated by the Republicans in Texas would require a retroactive judicial decision in their favor. The principle of ex post facto prohibits legislatures from passing laws which retroactively criminalize behavior. That is however just a minimum standard. Wlhile this prohibition does not attach as stvia legislated language to judicial decisions, appellate courts sometimes announce a new rule of law, but will not apply it to the case in front of it, in order to attempt to comply with ex post facto prohibitions.

The norm in the US is and always has been no ex post facto laws or judgments. Period. It is so well known that in cases involving ex post facto, the ruling judges do not even need to cite the paragraphs of the Consitituion and the existing practice of upholding the norm.

That is an inviolable sine aus non of Anglo American common (judgment practice inherited from the past) law.We do not use legal gotchas.

So then how do Republicans reconcile trying to exclude write in votes retrospectively and the rule of law? They have known that write in ballots were in the offing and had been approved by Srares. They should have challenged before voting began not ex post facto, retroactively.

Has our judiciary finally become intrumpKate’s with the key foundation of all authoritarian governments: that the most powerful is always right, that might makes right? Are we as a nation finally throwing in the towel on the difficult debate and dialogue of democracy in favor of the oppressive but simpler toe-the-line deep freeze of autocracy?

Judicial prohibition of those Texas drive in votes means that we no longer have a judiciary of rights, It woujld mean that ours has collapsed into a Judge Freisler (Nazi showtrial judge) system of mock courts. It will mean that anything the autocrat or a loyal Trumpionette does not like about you and me can be made criminal and punished, with no defense, and without due process.

And it will not be just cutting your grasss that will be shut down: it will be anything that Trump and his Trumpionettes do not like about our involvement in this election I. Or about whatever Donnie loudmouths about, changing often from sentence to sentence. You could not even run a garbage pickup service that way, let alone a nation under emergency Pandemic threat.

Has the GOP finally completed the petrification process from Lincoln to Loudmouth, from Grand Old Party to Gotcha Oppression Party? Is the judiciary now a Trumpionette show too? Have we deteriorated into a nation under Trump instead of one under law?We had better hope not.

Amerika/America, du hast/you had….

We are nowhere near the end of the Trump-thumping we are taking.. We are not at the beginnig of the end, nor the end of the beginning.  We may be at the start of the beginning.  And that makes it all even more sad and urgent.  We have already lost so much; it is such a great shame.

Towards the end of his life, the great German poet, scientist, lawyer, statesman etc;, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe (1749-1832) became very enchanted with the energy, robust freedom and lack of a haunting past in the young American Republic.  During those later years he wrote the following poem (here in English translation praising and expressing an important hope about us and  our republic:

(If you want to know more about who Goethe was, read my post “Who is this guy Go-ee’-thee (Goethe)?

Amerika du hast es besser

America, you have it better

Than our old continent.

You have no tumbledown castles

And no basalt deposits.

Your present is not disturbed deep down by

Useless remembrance and vain strife.

Use the present with good fortune!

And if your children write poetry,

May a kindly fate guard them from writing

Stories of knights, rascals, and specters.

 translation by Marilyn Barnett

One of DT’s first targets for negation remains our fragile, wilting ecosystem.  We must get it back under control —and fast—.  Before DT touched nature with his cold, dead hands, an annual reduction of atmospheric hydrocarbons by 2% would have saved us-but we were barely making that. Now after he has negated our environmental protection, the yearly target for a timespan 4 years shorter than in 2016 is 5%.  And we had been barely eking out a scrawny 2%…. If we fail now, there will not be a second chance, the resulting inhospitable, lethal climate will make this planet uninhabitable.

Let us remember the hopes and faith that so many had for us so many years ago.

But we can only get to the end of the beginning by accepting without filtering where we are today. That’s the first step.

To that end, today Goethe’s hopeful poem could only be written something like this:

Amerika, du hattest es besser…

America, you had it better

Than our old continent.

But you failed to save your forests and oceans, 

You permanently poisoned pristine waters.

Shame! your present is blighted by leaders of

Useless remembrance and vain strife.

You misused the present in bad faith!

And your children will never write verse,

Condemned by drudge lackeys and their bumbling boss, to

end with a whimper: 

as nature winds down in reverse..

Where indeed have all the flowers gone, long time passing? How much pain must good men endure, before they throw off this yoke?


Beyond the Divide

The announcement by DJT that the US is leaving the Paris Accords takes this repugnant regime and the rest of the US from the frying pan and into the fire.

As usual, his facts are wrong.

As usual his conclusions are wrong.

As usual his party is wrong.

As usual, this is what Scott Peck called evil: being unwilling to exert energy unconditionally on behalf of other people.

He is living proof of the German adage that stupidity will never become extinct.  But what should one expect from a spoiled brat whose parents protected him from the consequences of his boyhood bullying, who evidently was totally immune to learning during his educational years and whose lawyers and aggressive behavior have protected him from knowing what an unmitigated disaster he has been all of his malignant live?

Is this just a political difference of opinion?  Absolutely not.  It represents greed,  ideology and oppositional thinking (being against things to be against things in the erroneous belief that opposition is somehow strong) blinding decision makers to reality.  It is in short, disastrous denial and terminal uniqueness.

Climate change is real and 194 nations on this ailing planet agree.  194.  So that leaves Generalissimo Trump and his Repugnikan cohorts gleefully thinking that they are the only soldiers in step in the army.

This destroys American leadership in the world of democracy.  This destroys American initiative, creativity, determination to dominate the world in the future of energy production.  And it won’t come from oil or coal.  Even some of the oil companies refuse to support DJT in this evil insanity.

This is the macro-economic equivalent of wanting to deprive millions of Americans of health care.  Think through all the twists, turns and jumps and jerks of any part of this bully’s behavior and you must wind up at only one conclusion:  this is just plan evil in power.  Its what in Faust the Devil called himself:  the spirit who constantly negates. This is what M Scott Peck called evil:  the unwillingness, perhaps even inability, to do anything for the benefit of anyone else without condition or thought of reward or recognition.  Perhaps it is so utterly blatant that many cannot see it, but it is there nonetheless.

So this has now finally placed us at that place where the divide, until now still at least theoretically bridgeable by civil dialogue, is too great to bridge.   Civil dialogue with the morally bankrupt, know nothing bullies in the Repugnikan Party and anyone who even remotely supports them, is a waste of our time from now on.  As the kids said in the 1950s, we are cruisin’ for a bruisin’.  Except that there is no mirth in this at all.  This will do for our economy what the Repugnikan version of health management will do for our health:  undermine it.

Time to take off the velvet gloves and hit back as hard as we can —  plus 10% just to be sure.  The line has been drawn.  We are indeed beyond the divide.