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Kaiser left and Bruno right, Bruno one day before he died.  They knew things, things hidden from human eyes.  Who can see these visages and not at least wonder if they know hidden things?

Quo Vadis?

The poem, Wünschelrute/Diving Rod,, below, is one of my favorites.   It expresses so well my sense is that there are realities behind what we see, hear, touch, say.  Our world is the amalgam of the  tales we tell each other.   Our lives ride on waves of stories.  Behind the tales, we can sense  and perhaps touch some other realities, the real foundational realities.  What you see is not what you get.What drives the show is where the real action is.

We can try to open panes in our tales and see something of those  realities.  Knowing them is an awakening experience.   Sometimes if we get the rhythms right, they can unexpectedly raise us up in song,– song, physical emotion,  sometimes joy, sometimes not.

Trying to describe what I see or think is on the other side of scrim in this theater of loose ends called life, coupled with the likelihood of interest, disinterest and irritation reactions adds up to a Pane in the Tale.

Wünschelrute/Divining Rod

Schläft ein Lied in allen Dingen, / There sleeps a song in all of being

Die da träumen fort und fort / which slumbers, dreaming, nothing heard,

Und die Welt hebt an zu singen / And then the world rises up with singing,

Triffst du nur das Zauberwort. / If you but touch the magic word.

(by Joseph Freiherr von Eichendorff / Baron of Eichendorff, 19th Century German Nobelman, Government Administrator for Prussia and the quintessential German Romantic Poet)

Mr. Pensive


Darn, Blew It Again: Feedback

Want to give feedback?

OK, but  I”d like to know what I should change and why I should make any change. Warm fuzzies, glittering generalities, should+oughta’s, exhortations etc all unfruitful  and will be ignored.

To  those who insist on just hammering ing ad infinitum et nauseam on their dislike of this–frankly, (fill in name), I don’t give a damn!  (Thanks Rhett Butler)


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