2 thoughts on “But what toothpaste did she use?”

  1. What are the flags for in the yard? Is it a landmine marker? Its interesting to note the dogs run around the group of flags. Thanks for sharing!

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    1. Red flags are for the holes they dug so I don;t hit them te wrong way when riding the riding lawnmower back there to make the snakes visible and all the green weeds the same length. OR they mark secret small landing places for invisible small space alien. Traveling craft who like dirt. Probably the first reason. THereis one set of flags that lay out the possible location of a shed for the Husqvqrnq mower and some rakes etc so we will have more non tool storage space in the garage OR more meeting space with the little space guys from their landing places in the back yard. I keep telling them to watch out for dog land mines when landing those little ships. They get stuck and are hard to dislodge. Really scares them when Lutz chews on their ship.they are round and brownish colored from exposure to bad rays in space a lot. To dogs hey look like,well you know what- ground hors d’oeuvres. I always ask them to take offhand go hover somewhere so I don;t chop them up when mowing. And yes they say folks had it right centuries ago (they are very old)- the moon is made of green cheese after all. Chuckle. Thanks for askingl


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