a two step national recovery program from samuel adams

The American Criminal Class could finish this 2020 Presidential Election.

Here’s a thought for your day.

We voted.

All were counted, some were challenged and recounted.

Nary a mis- or malfeasance was found.

The Supreme Court gave The Donald the old heave-ho.

All done. Slam dunk. Joe is Prez.



All that is based on the notion that your vote is part of the election process and therefore is solid, important, a given, a sine qua non..


The NY Times today, has an excellent article trying to explain the downright baroque mess of interlocked Gordian election knots known as the Electoral College. I found it while trying to get some handle on what might well happen tomorrow when the Electors vote. (As if I could not guess….)

I wound up just letting go because it is so utterly convoluted. My eyes were close to fogging over and crossing.

I knew going in that the Electoral College is a disaster, an insult to the sovereignty of The People in choosing their Leader. I knew that the US is a uniquely hierarchical culture for a putative democracy, which is why we seem to be so prone to fawning on anal-retentive wannabe dictators with no shred of empathy and no respect for our ways and norms. I expected head-ache producing broken baroque.

Whatt knocked my socks off was the Times’ authoritative statement about our right to vote: in the United States of America there is no constitutional right for citizens to vote for President.


Apparently Lincoln got it wrong: government of, by and for The People actually had perished from American earth in 1789, Constitution year. The Founding Fathers wrote it out before it even had a chance to start. That right belongs to—the Electors, whoever they are–and if they botch the job, the House, where last minute challenges, with or without any definition of merit, can be launched at the count.

And the worst part? If all the mumbo jumbo, wild goose chase stuff in the House does it just wrong enough, it could come down to one person, Mike Pence, choosing whether to accept the vote as it came to the House or to throw out all the will–oops the opimion of the people and …. weil, everyone knows what that would mean and it just nauseates me to have to utter it, even in writing. So I won’t write it.

I suppose all that is just the next step in understanding our unique, bizaarre, broken, convoluted, counterproductive “system” of Presidential Elections. I mean, even if we had that right, as long as the Congress can then twist,, hack up, contort and torture how we voted, we might as well not have had the right in the first place.

How mucn can you trust Congress? Mark Twain knew, he said that there was no native Criminal class in America — except Congress. Trump must have felt at home in DC. So again the question: how much can you trust Congress?

Sure, when everything is of only moderate difficulty and political dysfunction is at its normal abysmal low, then folks just use the Electoral College as a funnel for the popular Presidential opinion poll we euphemistically call voting. But it is not the popular vote that has legal status in this–democracy? – no, can’t be that–autocracy–no not there yet –in this shaky, misused, outdated 18th century governance monument commemorating distrust of the people?–as in those people, the ones who fought, starved, froze, suffered, died in the Revolution.

In a time of searing social and political sadness, this hit the absolute bottom. What a way to end up this campaign: why on earth are we the People voting then? What democracy are we fighting for? We will never bring it off now, but it looks a lot like we need to change our Basic Law aka Constitution so that we the People, actually can cast legal votes for and directly elect our very own Leader. Or even rewrite it all and give ourselves a Parliamentary Democracy. And whatever else we do: flush the Electoral College down the tube once and for all.

Otherwise this imperfect union will explode into bellicose chaos. Just the right crash to play right into The Donald’s pudgy pink little dictator’s hands and the hearts and minds of his own native Trumpionette Criminal Class., .