Left WW2 Wehrmacht Einsatzgruppe Soldier executes Russian parent and child because they were Jews and Hitler hated Jews. Right: memorial at Buchenwald Extermination camp.

Hate was HItler’s theme. Hate has been a theme in the US as our political scene has become tribal and our government as a constitutional republic attacked, subverted, hobbled by its own President.

The left picture is absolutely necessary to remind us where hate will lead us. Every time, everywhere. And to remind us that our past is no defense against the wiles, dodges, deceptions, gaslighting, threats and relentless lying of despots. Lincoln at Gettysburg said that we are a new nation, dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal. But he could not guarantee that it would endure: only that it then would not perish. Including Lincoln’s time we have had 244 years of learning how to live as a Republic based on democratic principles.

Most Republics have not been around more than half that time. The original democracy in Athens lasted only 20 years, but we are its heir. Our Declaration of Independence, the US Constitution, Washington’s mold for how to be a President, the Gettysburg address and more: are not just American documents. They have been world shaping guides. Children in classrooms all over the world learn and know the Gettysburg Address. We are still talkling about achieving the conditions FDR hoped we could leave humanity on his fourth inaugural address. What we have made is not just ours, it belongs to all humanity. And we are not done yet in working to achieve what even the Declaration calls for: equality. It is our duty to carry it forward. We have work to do.

And yet, considering what shabby treatment that history has received at the hands of Donald J Trump, it feels like we are trying to throw it all away. We have let a bully sully our heritage.. His malfeasance has brought us:

  • involuntary incarceration of children because a leader without empathy hates certain foreign nationals
  • treating opposition as the enemy and Democrats as second class citizens
  • direct executive attacks on the FBI to weaken its investigative ability
  • the attempt to have a foreign power act in subversion of US elections
  • the negligent homicide by the President of 150,000 citizens from CoVid19 because he failed to act to help contain the diseasr
  • election campaigns, especially Trumpublican’s, effectively bought and channeled by the American Untouchable Rich
  • collusion in Trumps crimes by all but one Republican US Senators in falsely acquitting Donald J Trump from a list of outright crimes, let alone HIgh Crimes and Misdemeanors and thus creating the constitutional crisis we now face as the day of election draws near
  • the use of agitators sent into American cities experiencing public protests to foment violence from protest in an attempt to discredit opposition protest speech
  • gross and irremediable incompetence in executing the Office of President
  • conspiring against fair elections in the US in the refusal by the President to take action against Russian digital meddling in US elections because he is in debt to Putin.
  • Donald J Trump, whom the people did not elect, made President by an Electoral College which no longer exists to rectify dangerous elections but to keep past power groups, such as agricultural rural conservatives, in power over the majority of Americans
  • Economic meltdown
  • The President ignoring the Constitution because he thinks he alone knows best
  • A President, like Hitler, delusional in his belief in his own powers
  • Vacuum in leadership. Drift and danger. No actionable plan for getting beyond the ravages of Corona and CoVId19 once the Pandemic has been checked and reduced–actrually no plan whatsoever for governance in any way except for actions that make Donald J feel good.

Don’t kid yourself. That list above is how dictatorship begins, IF we fail to use the one tool which can nip its growth in the bud: the vote! The election will not suddenly erase the untended economic, social, psychological, cultural, educational failings that permitted Trumps malignancy in the Presidency. But it alone can give us a chance to begin to correct our errors and shortcomings. VOTE! It is time to take our heritage back and rid ourselves of Trump and his Tripe. Your vote may save this nation.



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