Crime and punishment

rather risk death by CoVid19 than isolate a bit more….

The EU is now considering closing its borders to US travelers.


They say we do nothing to control the Corona Virus.

They are right.

Trump just destroys whatever does not feed his psychotically deluded ego. Thje virus is proving him a failure. What to do? Ignore it.

He cannot summon his sheep to any rally of import any more: l ook at Tulsa. What to do? Blame anyone else, foment a crises somewhere else, threaten objectors, then finally deny and ignore it.

Except in a world based on blatant evil, his mis- and malfeasance are real llve felonious crimes. People have died who otherwise could have had a chance to live had he not intentionally bungled dealing with Corona. Yes, – he has said that he interfered with treartment to help boost his failng stock.. He thinks he can say such things with impunity and that saying them makes them real.

What a great gift for all of us from the Repugnikans: isolation in the world while a psycholpath sets up death by CoVid19 in an effort to reduce the number of hjs opponents.

It appears however, finally to expanding and strengthening the opposition.

Nice but no cigar. Necessasry but insufficient.

Here is another echo of what is being said more frequently and more open-assertively these days: we the People, in order to form a more perfect union, need to jetison The Donald. Not in the election which after all may or may not happen, . No. Unambiguously, and unalterably.


Are you listening Democrats, moderate Republlicans, the Lincoln Project, the politically disengaged–everone except the far right and far left or especially the far right and the far left?

Before it is too late, arrange for a Big Slide down and out for DT. Because if you do not, there could well be others who will act to stop the crimes and incompetent ways far less gently than what one might be considering about now. Do not let him drag us down to a Roman Empire’s murderous ways of changing leadership. Do not stoop that low. We are better than that. Prove it on Donald.

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