The New SS

Where would you rather spend your Pandemic time?

1. A country in which the wealthy and their puppets want to rebuild an economy by sacrificing the lives of those who most need the recovery and the seniors, who are the least able to defend themselves? Call that nations notion the Christie Sink or Swim Resurrection.


2. A country in which all are working to end the depredations of the virus for all and in which there has been informed, researched debate about what actions will let all return to some semblance of normal life? Call that country’s strategy German Strategic Incremental Reconstruction.

The Christie SS Resurrection will object in tones of wounded noblesse oblige. Theirs is no fly-by-night, off handed, facile idea! They do so in all seriousness and after careful consideration for the growing financial and political losses of the pandemic. They are soberly suggesting the intentional sacrifice of a few for the benefit of the majority! That’s the democratic way! And that’s only realistic—sooner or later we will need the bustling economy to compensate the corporation s for their losses while shut down. And that in turn will trickle down to restart all the rest!

Note that the Christie SS Resurrection is not a vendetta or witch-hunt. They are not Nazis, aiming at certain numbers and groups of less than human people! They are not hard hearted killers—-they do not have to resort to that. It can all be done quietly. Just keep the seniors at home with last shot at food and healthcare, and let those who are now starving return to their infected workplaces, and the choice will take care of itself. To is actually the humane way to resurrect—in their view.

And consistent with their self proclaimed humane way, the Christie SS Resurrection will think itself noble for having made the tough choice, for having had the courage to act fo the good of others. In a Repugnikan, trickle-down sort of way, of course.

Let us then honor them! Their spiritual stature must rest upon the universal pillar of all spiritually viable movements, the Golden Rule.

So, consistent with their exemplary spirituality, let them send their families to be sacrificed first! Perhaps they might join their families on that path to noble destiny. That is, if they are not too busy identifying the next round of sacrifices for the economic good.

What an example they will leave for all times once their story has entered the history books!

Where would you rather go?

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