Whatever You Do, Trumpublicans, do not dismount.

Statistics show that 45% of Republicans are ignoring social distancing. They are going out in groups, doing all that Dr Fauci and everyone else has warned them about.

To no avail. They just keep at it.

While they ardently believe that if they think that the past can be resurrected, the United States now has become the most infected and most lethal place for CoVid19 on earth.

Evidence to any eyes that are open and any brain capable of distinguishing a real live plague of BIblical proportions from a Father Knows Best delusion. This is not a wave of colds, this is lethally dangerous, easily worthy of Last Days status if left to its own devices.

Any fool can see that. Just look at what has happened to the health care system of New York. Or New Jersey. Or. or. Or…and so on ad nauseam. OK, well, perhaps not Republican Fools. They continue to act out the the 20th Century’s insane script of growth, trickle down, casino capitalism. As they try harder and harder, all sorts of things fail. It is the Story of The Donald’s Deluded Life.

The latest disaster of the Trumpublicans is food. It is going to be harder to get. Food plants are closing. And where is the population feeding cavalry of casino capitalism? Nowhere to be seen. Maybe Governor Cuomo can get some of the 1% to ante up part of what the have sucked out of our pockets to pay food processing plants to stay open.

And the Trumpublicans? Debating whether to have briefings or not, and losing to themselves at every turn.

Trickle down hangers on, take note: finally proof that the government is not the problem, Ronald, it is the Trumplublican leadership. They could prevent all the disasters, failures, flubs and snafus–if they had the competencies to manage a government. But they do not. If they have any competencies, they may be some from private industry.

But even there, probably only entry level ones. How do we know that? It is the American propensity not to develop new competencies in leaders after entering an organization. Saw that fact over and over in decades working with people in all sectors on — job competency profiling. We are an assiduously underdeveloped, cultivated adolescent culture. We have leaders who have no idea how to do that and organizations in which Presidents describe the competencies for their jobs exactly the same way that first line supervisors do.

Oh we have been there, seen this in our 40 plus years consulting to US and other culture firms. Ad nauseam, ad Trumpublican nauseam.

That is the type of culture in which nobody knows whose pronouncement are the ones to follow, in which Presidentrs cannot figure out why those peoplle “down there” are not “motivated” to do their jobs, where the people “down there” make caustic criticisms of the fattened salaries and bonuses the top brass get only to spend their time interfering arbitrarily with the guys ‘down there’ — it beats looking at how litle they the overpaid do to justify their overpay. It is the sort of culture that places short term profit taking far above in house competency development as a budget priority. It is the culture that that shoots-first-talks-later and thinks it does something besides kill motivation. That’s the kind of culture that thinks being always harshly against things (the DT syndrome) motivates people to be more enthusiastically engaged: the punching bag theory of leading. It is a see-saw culture: today laissez-faire, tomorrow absolute dictator and thinks that is averages out to democratic leadilng — or just does not give a damn. That is the mushroom type of culture, the speciality of guys like MM and DT: keep the employees in the dark and occasionally s–t on them. That is the kind of culture DT has created in our federal government and that is why it is dead in the water.

Ah, but Moscow Mitch (old MM) replies: let them stew in their own juice, let them drown in their own evil paperwork, let them starve. Get them (and seniors, states, Democrats, dissenting Trumpublicans, etc ad nauseam) out of our way. We are paid off, mounted and ready to ride!

MM (gums up your hands, fouls in your mouth), DT ( the legend in his own mini-mind), et al , are living proof of two old German adages: die Dummheit stirbt nie aus.— stupidity will never become extinct and second, even more apropos, Wenn dein Pferd stirbt, steig’ ab!: when your horse dies, dismount!

The trouble is, they won’t get the German wisdom because while you can always tell a Trumpublican, you can’t tell him or her much. They do not see that the rest of us are running hell bent for leather for new mounts. And Moscow Mitch and Deadhead Donald, the Trail Bosses, tell the Trumpublican Troops to stay put in the saddle and kick, beat, their dead horses while they shout and above all think they still can ridicule the rest of us.

So bored and angry are we at them that we can no longer even laugh at a bunch of pasty dissipated old MM-like boys sitting on top of decaying horse cadavers (or were those Elephant corpses?) kicking, jerking reins and shouting, Wahoo, yippiekaiyaye, out of the way you evil liberals because here we come….

Big changes are in the works—this is a spiritual as well as physical, mental, financial,social upheaval. In the DT-spawned and MM managed lethal vacuum of leadership and care involving CoVid19, we are rediscovering helping each other again. We are discovering that we can do without those old fools beating their dead horses.

As we walk away, we slowly begin to rejoice that those Trumpublicans are still beating their dead horses. And we think: good, but for heaven’s sake, do anything but dismount. That is right where you belong.

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