FROM THOM HARTMANN: Will DT step down?

with No Recourse — conjectural commentary from Pane in the Tale.

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Forget about Donald Trump and Mike Pence. Andrew Cuomo is now the acting President of the United States. Trump continues to think that the job of president is “reality show moderator in chief.”

Andrew Cuomo, on the other hand, the governor of New York State and a former member of Bill Clinton’s cabinet, has been doing a morning update every day this week with facts, figures, and reassuring stories about his own family. He has been showing us what humanity, decency, and competence look like. CNN, MSNBC and even Fox News are carrying Cuomo’s morning updates live nationwide.

Now that America has figured out that not only has Trump been lying to them for years but that the Republican Party and their trickle down economics for the past 40 years has been a scam, the country is turning it’s back on Trump and the GOP. Every time Trump speaks, the stock market goes down even more and faster. America now gets it.

In Brazil, the people are demanding that right wing president Jair Bolsonaro step down because he did the same thing Trump has done in failing to prepare for a crisis that was obviously coming and then lying to his people about it for months.

Soon we will see demands that Trump step down and let somebody who actually knows how to run a government replace him. It can’t come fast enough.


(c) Thom Hartmann, used with permission” –

No Recourse, A Conjectural Commentary

Since Thom posted the above, DT has shown just how little he either understands what leadership demands of a President in these unprecedented times and/or just does not care or has no capability to care about putting anyone else at moral risk.

Frankly, I think he just does not give a damn.

He could suggest the lifting of social distancing only if he has no idea whatsoever about the way Corona unfolds on a population not defending itself. He could not entertain that thought if his concern were not exclusively for his take from the economy before it gets the dirty gold lucre of his 1% cronies cleaned out of its fabric. Which it needs anyway.

And the rest of us, how do we feel about this now? How do we feel knowing that Turtleface Mitch and all his little Republiturtles minus the Only Republican Man, Mitt, made sure DT could stay in office and work his devilish evil on the rest ofd us without control, without penalty?

And the rest of us, how do we feel about DT finally flying the true colors of his murderous pirate flag? How would we feel if we were at war with a growing enemy, but whose growth we were finally beginning to hamper so that new weapons could be field tested, weapons that could stop and in some cases destroy this enemy? And then how would you feel if the Commander in Chief said that in two weeks, since we would have all our miracle weapons then, he would tell our army to stash their arms and go home? Having some new weapons-possibly- would render any more direct action unnecessary. The CiC would respond that all will be well in two weeks. He simply ignores or bullies down anyone pointing out the state of affairs in China, Italy, France, Germany, Britain, etc. The CiC would then talk about his recocvery plan when we do not even have a “stimulus” plan to hold us together until recovery. And that, with no mention at all of the enemy still in the field and growing?

If his actions did not constitute a national emergency, then what could?.

Would we not be fearful for our lives? Would we not be furious, redhot angry that we suddenly had no protection? Aand then add: the Commanders Senatorial lackeys had sandbagged and destroyed the only constitutional weapon against bad faith incompetence in a C i C. How could we find recourse when that CiC had subverted the Justice System and Courts so that they would do his bidding without even being asked? Where within our own now dead system would or could we turn to find a course of action?

Righ.: nowhere.

And what recourse then does that leave us against a CiC whose reckless actions manifestly endanger our lives? How do we handle being faced with the choice of moral action: do we just let go and hope that the CiC and his lackeys will lfind a way to save the whole shebang, or to act and commit immoral actions in the pursuit of an assumption of otherwise unavoidable calamity? Do we assume the CiC just made a correctable error and in his sympathetic humanity will learn and make amends, or do we assume that the CiC cannot act for anyone else and this can be handlled with actions which could not include ones otherwise immoral and illegal?

Yes: just what would we do?