letter to Donald: how to break the fatal conundrum


If there ever was a leader who needed a forthright and blunt consultant, that would be you.

If there ever was a leader who didn’t know that and refused entertain even the notion, that would be you.

As futile as it may well be, I am appointing myself your consultant. It is the best public service I can perform.

Don’t worry (if you ever do), it will be simple. It will boil down to a very simple action plan. But first we need to do some work on the first two phases of change, awareness and acceptance.

Right about now you think this is all a pile of b.s. And many Americans do not think you worthy of being told the time of day. Unlike those many millions of other Americans,however, I think you also put on your pants one leg at a time–and I believe that God has no grandchildren. I must give my clients the benefit of the doubt, else I could not work with them. So someplace down deep in those murky depths, where your soul languishes,. starved for the living light of love, a little voice may be whispering into your mind’s ear: this guy might have something here.

So let’s get it on, Donald. First thing is: let me explain why I don’t call you Your Highness, Mr. President, Mein Führer, etc. I am here to share with you what I’ve learned. And the only way that will have a snowman’s chance in hell of that working for you is if we meet human to human — no bars of status, no norms of what I cannot say, no place for you to go. 1:1, eyeball to eyeball, level playing field

It will be hard for you, but stretch a bit. It wont take long and you can afford my fee. Best, however is that you will profit personally and financially acting on my advice.

Here, then, is why. Listen up, Donald.

Shakespeare said, nothing in the world is good or bad, but thinking makes it so. Lets look at yours. A blind man could see that your thinking or self image is locked into avoidance of responsibility and accountability, into being against things just to be against them, into an inordinate and all consuming addiction to power, position, status and prestige, and into a ruthless win/lose mode of competition , Those modes of thinking drive you to being willing to break the law. You do that in order to undermine others so that you can feel that you have won. And, probably at base there lies a drive for excitement über alles. It is very much like criminal thinking. No matter the label: as I said, a blind man could see all of this, unless he or she were a Moscow Mitch/Lindsay Graham type or a white US evangelical.

Lets dismiss the support of those two groups right away: you can always easily tell them, but you can’t tell them much.

In other words whatever the situation, you assume you can win out if you do not cooperate, always undercut, ruthlessly try to control. It is all reactionary and it does nothing except negate.

Lets bring that a little closer to home, lets venture into accepting what we are saying here.

There is one exception to your well honed spirit of negation: receiving real, valid feedback about how you are doing. You do not negate that: you just don’t ever get it. Until your assumption of the Presidency, you could afford to make feedback so onerous., so dangerous and so painfully expensive that few if any had the inrtestinal fortitude to tell you anything except what they all knew you wanted to hear. But the whole US public, all world leaders, the Democrats are not afraid of you. They are breathing fiery feedback, saying you are not fit to lead. It is everywhere, except for Fox News, Moscow Mitch and lackeys, and white evangelicals (although one of their revered Leaders recently said that with the Ukraine S N A F U, you have lost your heavenly mandate.)

So here it is: the rats are jumping off the ship. I know, you think that “they” are all devious traitors. But accept that it is happening.

And that brings us back to the fundamental notion in my suggestions: your emergency needs and your inability to act in this emergency exist for the same reason: lack of feedback. The worse things get, the more you negate and strike out. And the more you negate and strike out, the worst the crisis, the greater thebody of evidence you must sooner or later deal with, and so forth in a vicious downward spiral. All being cheered on and given loud applause by Moscow Mitch and the white evangelicals.. And when figuratively the guillotine blade of impeachment and trial falls upon your overfed neck, you will, as you always do, conclude that everything was rigged against you and that you have been betrayed by everybody.

Of course you will be wrong but you won’t know that until after that blade has fallen.

So heres the action plan. With most of the nation looking to see your head roll, yours is not to reason why, yours is but to quit or die.

Whether you think it’s just or not is irrelevant. Even you can see that you are developing a reputation for being a criminally inapt leader. People write your reportcard based on what they see, not on your intentions. And what they see is getting more nefarious every day. Not just in the US, but everywhere on this globe. Disbelieve it at your own peril. The minority Moscow Mitch and white evangelical report card looks less and less realistically accurate with each round the clock news report.

Lets wind up here talking about why you must think twice before rejecting this action plan suggestion.

Just exactly how well do you think that a report card getting worse by the day supports your business aspirations and interests? You used to be able to hide your disasters. Your business was not that important to the rest of the world; you buried your malfeasance in the fathomless and muddy depths of New York real estate. People simply dismissed you as a poisonous clown. Now however everything about you is right out in front of everybody. A growing majority of Americans, even now including some Republicans, thinks you should be thrown out of office. The report card is beginning to show a lot of Ds and Fs.

That brings us to the action plan. What if you just up and said, to hell with all these ingrates and traitors. I’ve spent millions on this stupid job and there’s no gratitude. I have lent my stable genius to the building of a revitalized America, and all I get is trouble. To hell with all of them and that: I quit. Come on, now: hasn’t that possibility drifted in and out of your mind already?

Do you really think that such a disgrace and calamity as Impeachment and trial will actually boost investors willingness to work with you? Your interests will be valued at less, your patrons in Russia will drop you like a hot potato, your business upon which your whole identity rests will begin to wither.

But if you were to tell them all to lump it now, you would be able to take with you some of the honor and a little bit of the goodwill that you might have had upon entering this office. You would not have to explain away a permanent report card with all Fs. Your businesses might be salvageable.

You ought to be frightened enough to do this, Donald.

As a consultant valuing integrity,, I am duty bound to say that I do not think you could take being booted out of office, maybe not even just the process, regardless of the outcome. All the evidence suggests a fatal external locus of control as the foundation of your life: you must have position, power, status and presige, especially via money, to live with yourself. the mere possibility of losing even the appearance of that puts you into witchhunt mode licketysplit. And at your age, losing all that would certainly be more than you could handle.

So here are two behavioral suggestions, rule of thumb, which might make this action plan easier to do; First: u think of my suggestions like the suggestion that you open your parachute if jumping out of an airplane. Second, open your eyes while keeping your mouth shut. You might then see that everyone who knows the score with you is singing to the Impeachment investigation. You might notice that your rats are indeed jumping your ship.

T .

Well, that’s it Donald: get out of Dodge while you still can. My consultation with you is complete and ended. I will only add that I like the majority of your countrymen devoutly hope that you will take this advice.

As for my bill for this work, first this is pro bono, public service so I charge you nothing. In additon, however, it is gratis because you will need all you can keep and I don’t want to kick a man who is about to be big-time down.

Good luck!

W. S. Hill

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  1. Splendid! A perfectly splendid and generous – not to mention patriotic – offer of help. Well done, Patriot! Witty as hell too.


  2. This is excellent. Clearly a creative expression that utilizes all your skills of analysis and humor. I will send you postage to get this to Donald. Just let me know how much it will cost!

    Hope you are doing well.


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