Good or bad, thinking makes it so.

A graduate of the southern Michigan high school I attended recently found a copy of the school’s 1926 yearbook in aThrift Shop in South Carolina. When he told the owner of the shop that he wanted to send it to his and my home town’s Historical Society up there, the owner of the Thrift Shop gave it to him for free.

It contains many hand written thoughts from 1926. The Historical Society published a few of them in the newsletter I get every month. Ofthe ones in the newsletter, three spoke to me — (the Society preserved punctuation, spelling and sentence construction):

“Love is great, love is mighty, I only wish your night shirt

Was next to my nighty. Now don’t get excited or be misled,

I mean on the clothes line and not in the bed.”

“A good thing to remember a better thing to do -is to belong

To the construction gang and not to the wrecking crew.”

“Remember the word “American” ends in I can!”

Those are the sorts of thoughts and they innocently clever style that I heard and learned as describing being an American in my formative years, 1941-1951. They re-awaken and refresh me like a cool wind on a hot, muggy, air-polluted day. They are like pretty flowers growing in an opening you had not seen before in a dark forest.

Nothing in the world is good or bad, but thinking makes it so. (Shakespeare). How might we indeed bring good light into our current,national-cultural bad, narcissistic darkness if we had retained the abilities, values and simple clean morality of that long gone era! Where indeed have all the beautiful flowers of American thinking gone?

Time is up

Today HuffPost reports that Trump wants to take the US out of NATO!

Is endangering the Constitution, betrayal of the country’s security needs an act of treason?

Forget about bellowing about what an evil man Trump manifestly is. He was beyond help when he took office. Perhaps the always stuck in the mud far right Republicans haven’t noticed the grave danger to us all that Donald poses. No surprises there. They would not recognize danger to democratic government and civil liberties at all because they neither want nor have regard for them in the least.

They like to say, oh, this is just his style. That’s what Heinrich Himmler thought about his “style”.. How well did that turn our, Heinrich? Oh, I see: you had to commit suicide because your style became a burden, after you’d destroyed any civility in German life, and engineered the deaths of millions of humans you thought were sub-human.

And Donald’s style? Hmmmm: lie, cheat, subvert, undermine, deflect, intimidate and betray whenever self interest Trumps Presiential Duty. Hardly an honorable man. Is that the style description you want read as your obits, far right reactionaries? Probably yes.

When the government is being dismantled by officials who are supposed to protect and manage it, when the usual Constitutional paths to deal with criminal behavior in the President and his representatives are all being neutralized by his cronies who run the relevant agencies, when the President wants to act to take the US out of the one organization that since its inception has kept aggressive people like Putin at bay, then we’d better realize and do it awfully fast: TIME IS UP.

Putin’s voluntary Agent Orange is going to do what Khrushchev tried: bury us. But this time there will be no allies, no restraints, no help from anywhere to stop it. Donald is in over his head but thinks he is swimming. He is a very heavy nuclear bomb riding right above the engine room, waiting to go off, while thinking that will speed up the trip.

The ship has neither captain nor rudder: it is going everywhere and nowhere simultaneously. It has to be the case that other Navies would like to sink our ship before it does any more damage — all except Captain Putin that is. Better cast Agnt Orange overboard in a very very deep place, before he finally sinks the whole ship.