Choose or Perish with a Whimper

Violence is categorically unacceptable as a political tool.

  • Republicans in Power in DC:  you no longer have any dodge and you no longer have any moral standing on which to rely.  Your efforts to cobble together a governance, of, by and for nihilistic, greed driven fat cats has done what it was aimed at all along: created your own, towering Frankenstein’s monster, Agent Orange.  Now there is only one choice:  stand and be counted for demanding and acting on removal of Trump OR forever go down in the annals of history as  proven venal cowards who stood by counting their bribes as the world’s longest experiment in multicultural democracy and constitutional self government was unceremoniously dismembered.  You have already demonstrated the behaviors of venal cowardice.  Now is the time you can change that impression or confirm its reality as the prime trait of your being.
  • (Former) Friends and Acquaintances of a Conservative Bent:  I have refrained from talking sides until now.  I thought that bridges might be built.  It is clear today that your representatives and the Fool in the ‘White House do not want any bridges, nor do they have any interest in democracy or collaboration.  If you support them, do not count yourselves any more as friends of mine and do not waste my time with your blabbering drivel.
  • Undecided People:  are you deaf, dumb and blind?  What is there to mull over? the only choice now is:  support the domestic political terror or oppose it.  But note that when you support that abomination, you are supporting people whose beliefs and actions are the antithesis of the freedom to speak and act that makes your choice possible — and with enough of your support, possible for the last time.   Supporting those traitors you may well be participating in the killing of the world’s longest standing experiment in multicultural democracy, a nation that once was at the forefront of establishing government of the people, by the people and for the people across this aching globe.  Selling your soul to the devils ask traitors is never a two way bargain in which you take away anything to keep, but the devils take away your soul.  So you really want to be eternal losers?
  • Agent Orange:  the best way to deal with a devil like you is to ignore you. So I am.  Tweet on that, birdbrain!

For all but Agent Orange (he is not, never has been and never can be a President of the United States in any way but in title.  After all there is nothing to an empty suit but hot air and appearance seeing to persuade you that it is real.):   Remember these ominous words  from Pastor Martin Niemöller coming down to us from the Thousand Year Reich that lasted 13 years:

First they came for the socialists (today: Mexicans), and I did not speak out—because I was not a socialist.

Then they came for the trade unionists (today: intellectuals), and I did not speak out— because I was not a trade unionist.

Then they came for the Jews (today: Democrats), and I did not speak out—because I was not a Jew.

Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.

If we do nothing to stop our own bomb sending Nazis, then we are complicit in the collapse of civil democracy, then we are complicit in any harm that comes to anyone from the actions of our own bomb sending nazis.  Your collaboration born of complicity will not create a Big Bang for you, but you will do down with a whimper. No?  Just look at the pictures of Germany in late April, 1945.

Keep Your Heads Down

Who will we be as a society?   Until the bombing attacks, that was a nice academic question, professor philosophy for philosophy professors as it were.

After today no observant, rational person should see our time now as anything except the beginning of a long period of testing.

I have not obsessed on the news about the bomb attempts to kill Democrat party leaders.  I have not listened ad infinitum to the 24-7 news:   so much of it is biased, right or left, despite the efforts of honest, hard working, deep digging journalists..  Politically biased news has been in the US since colonial times, when newspapers actually invented stories to blacken the reputations of politicians they did not like.  And that still goes on today.

The one possible exception I know of would be World War Two in Europe.  Reporters  like Walter Cronkite, Eric Sevareid, Andy Rooney, Martha Gellhorn, Bill Mauldin, Ernie Pyle et al risked and in Pyle’s case lost their lives too send unedited stories back to the US.   Yes they were competing with other reporters, yes they were pressured to get competitive stories, yes some were forbidden to go on the front lines (Cronkite for instance, flew on missions with the 8th Air Force despite having been expressly prohibited).  They knew, however, that reality would be more interesting than window dressing,.  They wanted the public to know of the courage of those young pilots, navigators, gunners etc who flow into the 20 mm armed teeth of ME 109s and FW 190s, unable to turn, dive, maneuver, dodge.

After these people retired and passed on, journalism in the US returned to its own inglorious bashing and slandering traditions.  Both sides.

I say a pox on both their houses and choose to stand back and watch a bit before reacting, if I even do react..  I’ve heard the talking heads cry fire in the theater one too many times.  I need to  let the PR wave wash up, dissipate and then judge.

In this case, however,  I do not need to stand back,.

The chicken has come home to roost.  The day of testing our will to remain democratic has arrived.

In a country that puts up with a vile, lying, foul mouthed, easily criminal brainless bully like Agent Orange, who regularly incites to violence and is a model of hate and intolerance for our youth, what else could you expect?

In a society that blithely accepts the self serving PR nonsense from the film and computer games industries that movies and computer games do not teach their users anything at all,  what else could you expect?

In our remaining public debate forum where a large minority of our population really believes that there can be alternative facts in any situation, what could we expect but this?

In a country that has no reverence for life, shown by its failure to recognize the inborn right of every citizen to the best healthcare the society can offer, what else could you expect?

In the culture, alone on this planet, which believes so deeply in the myth of the rugged, self starting individual therefore finds little need to offer the safety nets and civil protections of community.  We give ourselves NSD:  Neo-Social Darwinism.  In that land, as was the case in NS Germany,  you must expect embedded violent behavior glorified into a virtue.  And of course, the quintessential adolescent behavior, is violence.  No?  How many armies induct older men into their ranks of trained killers?  How many armies teach their soldiers about all men having been born equal, about moral rights to the sanctity of the body,to safety+shelter+food+meaningful work?  Do we have examples in history of what this does to a society?  See the movie, Before the Fall, about the SS Napoli schools in Nazi Germany.  What does it mean for us that we now openly proclaim the military to have our brightest and best?

Why is it that Europeans are frightened of, repelled by but not surprised by American violence?

It is simple:  it is part of human nature which needs controlling and channeling.  No?  Watch the movie, Look Who’s Back.  We do that because that is what we have rewarded, massaged, developed and built on all the steps that lead to violence as politics  —  all the good words about bringing democracy to the poor, downtrodden masses and pictures of  soldiers giving candy to kids whose homes we have just destroyed notwithstanding.

We are the world’s prime Nation of Violence.  Politics by violence is only we Americans, turning what we have taught ourselves onto ourselves for once.  his is not the beginning of the  beginning of social warfare as a means of governance.  It is simply the debut of it in politics here.

Keep your heads down, there will be more.