High Time

The citizens of this country have every cause legitimately to feel untempered indignation about DT and his cronies.  They have violated with contempt and cynical abandon the physical, legal, moral and spiritual underpinnings of the United States.  They have discolored the bright, developing light of the worlds only constitutional republican experiment in multicultural democracy with the fetid dank, putrid stain of self-seeking, bigoted, unthinking, dull  cynicism.

They, not the mainstream Republicans, not the mainstream Democrats, not the Progressives, not the Libertarians, not the Mexicans or Catholics or Intellectuals: no one but they and their dedicated collaborators alone have brought on the time of remorseless reckoning. They have created and surely earned the unsparingky intolerant earthquake-like shockwaves of the moral and legal bombs they’ve been dropping.

The honest and decent, long suffering cituzens of this great nation pause now in rapt attention.  We are observing, not missing a stitch of who is taking right action or ourbehalf  and who, like Matshmallow McConnell is still dodging and weaving, trying yet again first to save his own you know what.  We are awaiting the chance to get even with the collaborators and to mark the removal of the DTs with a heartfelt:  good riddance!

As for the DTs and their collaborators:  it would be high time to prepare to exchange your golden cufflinks and hand made Italian shoes for hardened steel handcuffs and US made shackles. That–or get out of Dodge pronto!