So What?

Our devil’s advocate contributor, C. C. Pitt, has asked to have the following published. Here it is:

“Your posts are, maybe, interesting, and you’ve apparently thought a lot about all of whatever you say. Maybe you even think you have Truth to tell here.

Frankly I’m getting tired of all the essays about what’s wrong and how we got there. Your reactionary-right friends and relatives won’t be swayed by anything you say, and those who agree don’t need any more reasons to agree. It feels as if we have made for ourselves in this country a social-political-spiritual and moral chasm, which is too large for any civil or peaceful bridge to join. At least I think that’s the case, with of course the qualification that my view is certainly bot Olympian.

And neither is yours, my presumptuous Mr Pane in the Tale.

If there is, as some assert, a large body of moderates who share much common ground, where are they? Why have we not heard from them? Are these the masses of men who are living their lives in quiet desperation? Has the Moral Majority become the Muted Mass?

So: assuming that it is to too late, what the devil, if anything, are we going to do about all this?

Is it not high time that we stopped the interesting but diverting talk about the Why of all this and moved out of Analysis Paralysis? Should we not be figuring out what right actio is here, planning our What to do before the maelstrom of the national DTs swallows us all up?

if you want to know who will resolve this for us, go stare in the mirror until it dawns upon you.

Otherwise, all this amounts to is: So What?

C C Pitt”

We are always willing to hear feedback: actionable descriptions of opportunities to delete, augment, rephrase, shorten, lengthen, justify etc. and suggestions about how to do the same — offered without judgment and in civil discourse. C C Pitt’s comments are always welcome.
We have more to say about how we got here because we believe that no problem can be solved until the root cause has been dealt with. We laud the call to action, but will have more to say about our notions of root causes for our national case of the DTs.